Grant Application


The Foundation of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia accepts applications for grants from tax-exempt legal service provider organizations and other justice related entities to enable such organizations to provide legal representation and related direct services to poor and disadvantaged persons in the District of Columbia, with a special emphasis on the needs of children.

Contact: BADC Foundation
Vice-President for Grantmaking

1016 16th Street NW
Suite 101
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone: (202) 223-5457
Fax: (202) 293-3388

PROPOSAL FORMAT Washington Grantmakers format preferred:

I. Summary - Type on a separate cover sheet for easy reference:

  1. Name of Organization.

    Address of Organization.

    Name of Contact Person, Title of Position, and Telephone Number.

    Brief Description of Proposed Activity for which Funding is Sought (not more than a short paragraph).

    Amount of Funds applied for (and state whether it is to be in the form of a grant or loan).

  2. Statement concerning Organization’s tax-exempt status.

II. Introduction

  1. Name of Organization, address and telephone number.

    Name and address of officers and directors of organization.

    Name of executive director or other principal officer of organization and telephone number.

    Name of contact person responsible for proposal and telephone number.

    Description of organization’s tax status. (Please attach copy of Internal Revenue Service ruling letter regarding tax-exempt status.)

    Whether or not applicant organization is related in any way to any other organization (by reason of interlocking directorates, appointment of officers or staff, provision of overhead, or otherwise) and if so, please describe the relationship.

  2. All current and anticipated sources of financial support for the organization and their amounts. (Please attach in the Appendix, a copy of the organization’s latest annual budget.)


III. Description of Organization

  1. Brief description of the applicant organization’s purposes, activities and goals. Attach in the Appendix, copies of any recent evaluations, awards, news stories or other evidence of outside commendation or support.

    Please give as a reference the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three persons in the District of Columbia who have no connection with the applicant organization but who are very familiar with the activities of the organization and the organization’s track record in representing individuals or groups of individuals who live in the District of Columbia (for example, a court or administrative agency official, representative of a social service agency referring clients, a client community organization, etc.).

    Description of organization’s current staff positions and their current salaries.

    A description of the District of Columbia clients directly served by applicant organization in the preceding year.

    Briefly describe some of the most significant accomplishments of the organization. (If a new organization, describe some of the significant accomplishments of the director and staff in previous roles.)

  2. Please attach in the Appendix a copy of the organization’s latest annual report.

IV. Proposal for Grant or Loan

  1. Brief Description of proposed activity or activities for which funding is sought. (Not more than a short paragraph.)

    Describe the specific problem or problems of inadequate representation in the District of Columbia that applicant organization’s proposal is designed to improve or solve.

    State what other community organizations are in contact with persons in need of the representation identified in paragraph two above.

    State how applicant organization is qualified to carry out the proposed activities and whether or not it will duplicate the efforts of any other community organizations.

    State what specific results in the District of Columbia the applicant organization hopes to achieve if its proposal is funded.

    Describe the proposed organizational structure and activities by which the applicant organization will achieve the result set forth in paragraph five above.

    Describe what matching funds, volunteer help, training, research, overhead or other resources either the applicant organization or some other source will provide to enable the applicant organization to achieve the result set forth in paragraph five above.

    Set forth the total budget applicant organization proposes in order to achieve the result set forth in paragraph five above, including both funds applied for in this proposal and those to be provided from other sources.

  2. State to what extent the proposed activity or activities (if the problem or problems identified in paragraph two above are not to be completely solved with the expenditure of the proposed grant or loan funds) will be needed in subsequent years.

V. Evaluation

  1. Discuss the internal record-keeping procedures that will be implemented to measure progress the proposed activity is making towards reaching the result set forth in paragraph five of Section IV above, and to show the items for which funds have been expended to carry out the activities.


  2. Describe methods by which the proposed activity can be evaluated by outside sources.

VI. Appendix

  1. Copy of Internal Revenue Service ruling letter regarding applicant organization’s tax-exempt status.

    Copy of applicant organization’s latest annual budget including salaries or salary ranges of all directors and employees.

    Copy of applicant organization’s latest annual report.

    Copies of any recent evaluations, awards, news stories and other evidence of outside commendation or support for applicant organization.

  2. Biographical resumes of all staff and supervisory personnel who will be involved with the proposed activity for which funding is sought, if available



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