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To become a Panel Member of the Lawyer Referral Service of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia you must:

  • Be a member in good standing of the BADC.
  • Have an office in which you can meet with clients in the Washington, DC area.
  • Submit the application below to the BADC with a check for $100 ($200 for Personal Injury cases).
  • Maintain an Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy for the duration of the time you are on the LRS Panel, and submit a copy of the cover sheet with your application and at the beginning of each LRS fiscal year.
  • Agree to remit to the BADC percentage fees pursuant to the fee schedule.  To learn more about the percentage fees, please refer to the Rules of Operation, specifically Page 2, Section V.  

Click here to download a printable LRS application


Fill out the information below and return with your insurance policy and check for $100 (or $200 for personal injury) payable to BADC:


Firm Name:_________________________________  _




Admitted to Practice in D.C     _____   _____
     Month / Year

Other Jurisdictions Admitted:___________________  _

Foreign Languages in which you or someone in your office are reasonably fluent:



Lawyer Referral Service Agreement
I am an active member in good standing of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia and the District of Columbia Bar.  I agree to see clients referred to me by the BADC LRS for a 1/2 hour initial consultation and if a case results from it to remit to the BADC percentage fees pursuant to the BADC LRS Rules and Regulations.  I authorize the Grievance Committee of the DC Bar to release any information about me to the BADC's LRS.  I understand the the LRS is not a provider of legal services and does not carry malpractice insurance.  As a participating attorney, I will be solely responsible for all legal services provided to referral clients.  I have included the cover page of my Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy and will submit the same to the BADC for each year I am a member of the LRS panel.


Fields of Law

You may select up to five numbered categories:
 1.____Administrative and Agency
   ____School Board
   ____Other Boards and Agencies

(Please specify agency) __________________




5.____Civil Rights
   ____Sexual Harassment
   ____National Origin
   ____Public Establishment
   ____Police Brutality/False Arrest
   ____First Amendment Rights
   ____Special Education


7.____Constitutional Law

8.____Corporate/Business Law
   ____Government Contracts
   ____International Law

9.____Consumer Law/Lemon Law
   ____Consumer Contracts
   ____Consumer Credit
   ____Credit Card Problems

10.____Criminal Law
    ____White Collar

11.____Educational Law

12____Employment Law/Wrongful Discharge/Whistleblowing

13.____Environmental Law

14.____Entertainment Law
    ____Music, Recording Contracts, etc.
    ____Publishing, Copyright, Theatre, Plays, etc.

15.____Estate Planning
    ____Contested Matters
    ____Power of Attorney
    ____Healthcare Power of Attorney
    ____Living Wills

16.____Family Law
    ____Name Change
    ____Pre-Marital Agreement
    ____Property Settlement Agreement
    ____Domestic Violence
17.____Health Law/Mental Health

18.____Immigration & Naturalization


20.____Intellectual Property
    ____Internet Publishing

    ____Juvenile Criminal
    ____Juvenile Civil

22.____Labor Law
    ____Labor Union

    ____Commercial Landlord
    ____Commercial Tenant
    ____Residential Landlord
    ____Residential Tenant

    ____Small Claims

    ____Court Martial
    ____Security Clearance
    ____Military Divorce
    ____Military Court of Appeals

    ____Personal Injury
    ____Property Damage
    ____Wrongful Death
    ____Product Liability
    ____Dangerous Premises

27.____Real Estate
    ____Housing Code Violations
    ____Mechanics Liens
    ____Sales/Purchases of R.E.
    ____Homeowners Insurance
    ____Mortgage Refinancing


29.____Social Security/Disability

30.____Tax Law
    ____Tax Appeals

31.____Unemployment Compensation

32.____Veterans Benefits

33.____Workers Comp.
    ____Federal Government
    ____D.C. Government




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