LRS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.  Who can sign up?

A. Any member in good standing of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia (and a member in good standing of the DC Bar), may become a member of the BADC LRS Panel by completing the application available by clicking here. Attorneys who are not yet members of the BADC may submit an application for membership in the BADC along with their LRS application. To receive a BADC membership application, call (202) 223-6600 or click here.

Q. Who are the LRS clients?

A. The Lawyer Referral Service advertises throughout the area in telephone directories, libraries, government agencies, courts, and churches. Clients who take advantage of this service come from all walks of life and all economic backgrounds.

Q. Do I have to charge an initial consultation fee? How long is an initial consultation?

A. The initial consultation fee of $39.95 is also a "referral fee" and is paid directly by the client to the referral service at the time of the phone referral.  For this referral/initial consultation fee the lawyer must provide a 1/2 hour consultation to the referred client.

Q. What fee should I charge the client for legal work after the initial consultation?

A. Beyond the initial consultation, the arrangement for your fee is between you and the client. It should be discussed with, and fully understood by, the client prior to your beginning to work on the case. A WRITTEN FEE AGREEMENT IS REQUIRED (See Rule 1.5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct). Your fee should be reasonable under the situation, based on factors such as the amount of time expected to be involved, and the complexity of the case, as well as the client's ability to pay.

Q. Will I have to pay any additional fees to the LRS other than the $100/$200 panel fee?

A. Attorneys are required to remit 10-15 perfect of fees received from a referred case back to the LRS, depending on the amount of the attorney fees charged (rates outlined in signed agreement with BADC LRS).  To learn more about the percentage fees, please refer to the Rules of Operation, specifically Page 2, Section V.

Payable to: The BADC
Mailed to: 1016 16th Street, NW
Suite 101
Washington, DC 20036

Q. How are referrals assigned?

A. LRS panel members become part of our computerized data base designed to provide attorneys' names on a rotating basis according to areas of concentration. Callers are screened by Legal Advice Line to ascertain the nature of their problem, then are referred to an appropriate attorney. After each referral, the attorney's name rotates to the bottom of the list within that field of law, but remains in rotation within any other fields selected.

For More Information, call (202) 223-6600.


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