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Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)

The BADC is taking the opportunity this holiday weekend to update our Lawyer Referral System and implement upgrades to make it easier to find a lawyer. We expect the system to be restored early next week. If you are in need of assistance before then please feel free to email your name, phone number and brief description of your situation to

Call (202) 223-6600 

To become a member of
the Lawyer Referral Service panel

The Bar Association of the District of Columbia provides the only Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) in the District of Columbia as a public service to the community and a service to its members.  It provides an effective means for members of the general public to be referred to attorneys who are experienced in the area of law in which they need assistance.  Membership in the Lawyer Referral Service panel is open to all active members of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia.

BADC members who wish to become LRS panel members must submit the application, a signed copy of the LRS Rules and Regulations, a check for the $100 panel fee ($200 if practicing Personal Injury law) and a copy of the cover page of your malpractice insurance policy indicating current coverages.  All panel attorneys are required to maintain malpractice coverage during their participation in the LRS.

The LRS works on a rotating basis, within the fields of law indicated on the enrollment application. The referral fee is $39.95, collected from the caller by credit card over the telephone by the referral service intake staff.  When a referral is made to a panel attorney, the caller will be given the name and telephone number of one attorney from the panel list.  The caller is then connected to the attorney's office to make an appointment for the initial consultation.  If an actual legal case materializes, panel attorneys are also required to remit a percentage of fees received from referred cases back to the BADC LRS.

If an appointment is not kept or the client never calls for an appointment, it is the responsibility of the attorney to so inform the LRS within two weeks of the referral date.

For more information on joining the BADC's Lawyer Referral Service as a panel member, please call (202) 223-6000 or send a fax to 202-293-3388. 



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