Member Benefits: Lawyer's Professional Liability Insurance Program


BADC Endorses Lawyer's Professional Liability Insurance Program

The BAR Association of the District of Columbia exclusively endorses Capital Professional Insurance Managers, Inc. (CPIM) as the provider of lawyer's professional liability insurance for our members. All members are encouraged to contact CPIM for their professional liability insurance needs.

The CPIM program offers broad coverage with a wide variety of limit and deductible options. Premiums are very competitive and CPIM offers coverage to eligible firms of all sizes from sole practitioners to large law firms. Policy features include such important coverages as first dollar defense, licensure defense, claims expenses in addition to the limit of liability, and immediate and automatic mid-term coverage for attorneys joining an insured firm.

A wide variety of premium credits are available for areas of practice, risk management, continuing education and favorable loss experience, making this one of the most competitive programs in the Washington D.C. area. For more details, please see CPIM's BADC program website at

In addition to broad coverage and great rates, the program includes expert local defense counsel.

Best of all, CPIM is a local firm specializing exclusively in professional liability insurance. Their extraordinary level of service has earned them a reputation for excellence.

We encourage BADC members to contact CPIM to learn more about this great program by contacting Victoria Crowe at 301-913-0603; fax 301-913-5905; or e-mail at


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