The BADC is DC's voluntary bar and seeks to promote civility, justice and collegiality among members of the legal profession in the nation's capital. Members of the BADC distinguish themselves by volunteering their time and talents to advance civility, justice, and the nation's capital community's access to legal services.

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Andrew N. Cook, 134th President
This is a very special year for the Bar Association of the District of Columbia (“BADC”).  We are celebrating our 150th year.  In 1871, very insightful and forward thinking lawyers founded the BADC which has endured and thrived to become the oldest private voluntary bar association in the District of Columbia and the third oldest in the United States. The mission of the BADC is to engender civility, justice and collegiality among the Bar in the District of Columbia.  Additionally, the BADC has a long and proud tradition of working closely with the judiciary, the Government of the District of Columbia and the United States Government in the furtherance of justice in our community and beyond.  In its role as the District of Columbia’s oldest voluntary bar, the BADC lobbies on behalf of its members and the community, provides a fee based lawyer referral service, mentors young lawyers, and engenders civility and collegiality in the practice of law. The upcoming year will bring many new events to the BADC calendar in celebration of its 150th Anniversary.  We intend to provide real value to our membership with social and educational opportunities.  Additionally, monthly events are planned to highlight the BADC’s truly impactful history, honor its traditions and profile the enduring support of its Past Presidents and Fellows, all of whom provide invaluable guidance and support to the continuing legacy of the BADC. We will honor the brilliant traditions of the BADC, celebrate our diversity, and expand the BADC’s community impact and presence.  From embassy events to gathering with the Judiciary at the United States District Court and the United States Supreme Court, the BADC is an integral part of the Washington legal community and we hope you will join us in celebrating the BADC’s long valued standing in our legal community over the past 150 years in Washington, DC. 

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